"Lifelong advocate for children and health, Suzan Hughes is embarking on her new mission - The Suzan Hughes Education Foundation" (S.H.E). As the creator of Rollermax® and fitness exercise series "Take 10 To a Better You", as well as co-founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation, Suzan Hughes is a tireless force of nature on the big screen and  stage.



As a dedicated philanthropist and an educator, Suzan Hughes has used her career and connections in the entrainment industry to further the causes that are near and dear to her heart and improve the lives of children worldwide.

Not only does Suzan Hughes love staying healthy (she is the inventor of Rollermax), but she loves talking about it too- especially with young children (fifth graders and younger) in Los Angeles as "Sergeant Sue", she is both a crusader for health and an advocate for children.

She served as chairperson of the Gem Star Foundation for Children as well as teaching students in the Los Angeles Unified School District health and safety as the popular character "Sergeant Sue". “Gem Star Foundation is where I play Sergeant Sue. I would go into packed auditoriums and teach heath, safety and social responsibility to elementary-school students. “We taught 20,000 students in the LAUSD,” she notes.  “We would sing songs and do skits where we would demonstrate the messages in a fun way.” Topics such as bullying, seatbelt safety and nutrition where also covered.

On the exercise front she perfected the design of Rollermax, the designer foam roller she introduced to America in 2001. Suzan, certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine, produced and starred in the exercise video Take 10 to a Better You.  A portion of the sales from her video have been designated for child advocacy programs. 

Her work with children and being the co-founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation, in which she served as the president for five years, gave way to Suzan's latest endeavor - The Suzan Hughes Education Foundation (S.H.E.)  The focus of S.H.E. will be on "raising capable and independent human beings with dignity and respect, through teaching parents the techniques needed to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children to improve the quality of life for all".

When asked about the Herbalife Family Foundation, Suzan takes a long pause and smiles: “My work is still being done, it is still going forward and doing good work in 50 countries"

Hughes feel that being born and raised in Brooklyn in dire circumstances gives her empathy for underprivileged children, explaining, “I know what it feels like to have no one-something no child should experience. Planning parenthood should be a way of life”.

According to Hughes, the catalyst for the Herbalife Family Foundation was when her son was born and she embarked on a two year parenting class, that she completed.  Hughes wanted to disseminate the new knowledge to the world and help parents and their children on a global scale.  Her quest lives on.

She has also been honored with a number of awards, from the Wallis Annenberg Founders Award to the Women of Achievement Award from the Friends of Sheba Medical Center.  Her work with D.A.R.E. was acknowledged with the Future of America Award she received.

In addition to her active career in fitness and nutrition, Suzan enjoys a reputation as an accomplished entertainer, having performed stand-up comedy in numerous venues in and around Los Angeles such as the Comedy Store and Harrah's in Las Vegas.  Some of her film and TV credits include the Woody Harrelson movie "Kingpin", "Mullholand Falls" and "Midnight" as well as the lead in the TV pilot "Beverly Hills Holistic" amongst others.  She is a regular fixture on the radio show circuit, lending her voice to various talk shows on a monthly basis.

Whether advocating health and fitness or children’s causes, Hughes has one motto she lives by daily: “Take 10 to a Better You. When you start, even for 10 minutes a day on your fitness, it brings success".

“Small successes build great success,” she concludes. “You have to start somewhere.  Great success is built by the first step".