Rollermax® by Suzan Hughes


"Rollermax is the revolutionary foam roller used by athletes and celebrities.  It has been featured in SHAPE Magazine and Muscle and Fitness. To find out more about the product itself and to get yours today visit the Rollermax site or purchase yours on Ebay®"

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Suzan Hughes, a certified fitness trainer, a former Miss Petite USA and shorthand reporter is the innovator of dozens of health and beauty products.  Starting with her "Take 10" fitness video series, she revolutionized the idea: "Take 10 to a better you".  A few years later, Suzan created ROLLERMAX; a revolutionary foam roller manufactured under Suzan Hughes Enterprises, a company she started in 2001 and is the CEO.

She has always promoted wellness, health and fitness and began developing what would become her Rollermax product in 1999. Rollermax has been endorsed by the Sacramento Kings, the Los Angeles Clippers, and celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and Janice Dickinson. At the time, Suzan  was the first to bring to the public and introduce to gyms, such as LA Sports Club chain what people now call "foam rollers". It was the first foam roller on the market to be introduced to the general public, previously a secret of athletes and their practitioners. 

Suzan Hughes had a passion for fitness from an early age, creating her own workouts at age 12 based on the example of athlete and fitness role model Jack LaLanne. She released several work out videos under her "Take 10" banner. It was through her platinum exercise videos Take 10 and Rollermax that she was able to achieve a successful foray into the exercise and fitness world. She was the cover story of Woman's World magazine featuring her Take 10 mantra.. Modern science studies back up that small fitness bites bring success. These smaller sessions are just as beneficial as the long drawn out ones. This is the philosophy she brought to the marketplace and there have been many imitations of it since.  Always imitated, never duplicated!

Suzan has long believed and proved that all you need is 10 minutes a day to look and feel great. Her "Take 10 to a Better You" slogan speaks to this trend of living healthfully and doing a little bit, 10 minutes of exercise, at a time, every day for maximum benefit and without changing your whole day. 

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